Ifor Williams P6e, P7e & P8e Range

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Manufacturer : Ifor Williams
P6E Ramp+mesh sides SKU: : 378430
P7E Ramp+mesh sides SKU: : 378430
P7E Ramp Only SKU: : 166420
P8E Ramp Only SKU: : 401123


Larger, stronger and tougher than trailers typically sold at your local DIY or car parts superstore, the P6e, P7e & P8e are small trailers with big hearts. On the road they can be towed by a family car, off road they can even be towed by a quad bike. With ramp or tailboard versions, canopy and livestock options, gross weights of 500kg or 750kg and a range of optional accessories, the P6e, P7e & P8e cater for most domestic, light commercial and general farmyard duties. Internal measurments: 1.98mx 1.21mx 2.95m Additional Attachments: Front Propstand, Jockey Wheel Lashing Points Ladder Rack (P6e/P7e), Mesh Sides, ATV Drawbar , Tarpaulin cover (P6e)

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