Ifor Williams LT & LM Flatbed Trailers

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Manufacturer : Ifor Williams
LM125 w/ Head Borad SKU: : 577137
LM125 w/ H.B. & sides SKU: : 401877
LM125 w/ H.B, S &Ramps SKU: : 129511
LM146 w/ H.B, S & Ramps SKU: : 312143
LM146 w/ H.B 4x lashing Rings +LEDs SKU: : 757414
LM146 w/ H.B, S 6xL.R. +LEDs SKU: : 722085
LM166 w/ H.B & LEDs SKU: : 575831
LM166 w/ tri axle H.B &LEDs SKU: : 700189
LM186 w/ Tri axle H.B, S, LEDs, 8xL.R SKU: : 773644
LM85 w/ H.B, S SKU: : 404111


From the smallest LT85 to the largest LM208, all Flatbed models are built around a welded steel, galvanized chassis fitted with bolt-on tapered drawbars and the Ifor Williams beam axle and leaf sprung suspension. The Flatbed trailer range is normally supplied with twin axles. Tri-axle options are available on our LM6 series models in lengths over 12’. With the addition of a winch, rear prop stands and either loading skids or the full-width ramp (1.83m/6’ in length), the versatile flatbed can be used to carry loads such as small plant, ride-on mowers, mixers, shredders, rollers and a multitude of mobile plant equipment. More info:

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