Grillo (New) FD450

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Manufacturer : Grillo (New)


A professional hydrostatic mower with front-mounted cutter deck with a grass-catcher capacity of 450 Lt. The grass-catcher discharge height is 170 cm with an ejection of 45 cm; the cutting and high-performance collection of this model are its best features. The innovative cutting system “Grillo Overblow” allows the tremendous acceleration of the grass/airflow into the discharge chute considerably increasing its collection capability, even in damp, wet conditions whilst at the same time keeping its noise level of the whole cutting/collecting system extremely low. The front-mounted cutter deck gives the operator excellent visibility of his working area. The easy light steering and exceptionally small turning circle make the Grillo FD450 a mower suitable for domestic use but at the same time equipped with all the necessary features for the professional operator. The controls to adjust the cutting height, lift the cutter deck, raise and tip the grass-catcher are via an electrical push button. The FD450s cutter deck is unique. It has twin counter-rotating blades (which are not timed) plus a small front blade. It is a real out-front mower deck: 50% of its surface is free from obstacles thus ensuring perfect visibility of the working area. It allows precise cutting around bushes or under low-positioned branches and therefore reduces the time spent using hand mowers to finish off these areas. The deck also has additional front and side reinforcements. The blade’s drive belt is double backed ( not toothed): in the event of contact with unseen objects, it should not suffer damage. The innovative cutting system produces an increased acceleration of the grass/airflow. All the blades direct the grass into a large, straight load chute at the same time significantly increasing the load capacity. In this way, the grass is very well-compressed improving the overall efficiency of the 450 L. grass-catcher.

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